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Oh hai! :DHi! I’m Adam, a wandering poet and photographer with a big heart and an occasionally callous mouth. Disillusioned by the dreary cubicles of the default world, I quit my job in the summer of 2015 and have been exploring the United States with an emphasis on National Parks ever since. Here on RamblingAdam.com I’ll be chronicling in depth the intense, beautiful, and often terrifying inner and outer journeys of my new life on the road. Care to know more? Here’s a preamble for ya:

As a child, I was blessed to experience the wonders of the National Parks of the American southwest on yearly trips with my family. I’ve always dreamed of returning to those places and sharing their absolutely insane beauty with the people I love who have never experienced the Parks. I wanted to share the euphoric feeling of dangling one’s legs over the edge of the Grand Canyon while drinking in the beauty of a billion years of geologic history. I yearned to bring my friends to the top of Angel’s Landing and Observation Point in Zion, where the magnificent view brings tears and awe to the hardest of hearts. I ached to take people down into the rocky hoodoo temples of Bryce Canyon so we could marvel together at the otherworldly towering pillars and palaces carved by wind, water, and ice.

The joy and peace and truth I feel in these places has defined who I am, and all I’ve ever wanted is to be able to share that blissful sensation with others, to bring people weary of the work-a-day grind to a new perspective on life and a deeper understanding of the beauty all around us.

The idea of sharing these experiences with others is the only thing that’s ever felt like the right thing for me to do with my life.

So, after a decade of retail and office work, I finally saved up enough scratch to take what I thought would be a one-month whirlwind tent-camping tour of the western National Parks- eager to photograph, write about, and share these places with my friends back home. I wanted at least a taste of my impossible dream before I was inevitably dragged back into the normal routine of city life. Maybe a month of heaven would fortify me against another ten years of drudgery.

But by week two, everything changed. This wasn’t just a month-long vacation anymore, no.

This was a way of life.

I met travelers and vagabonds who wandered full-time, wonderful people with genuine, carefree smiles that only complete freedom can inspire. In their shining eyes I saw my heart’s deepest desire reflecting back at me.

My God, I thought, is it really possible to live like this?

I had to find out for myself.

The thought of returning to a “normal” job became anathema, enough to make me physically ill. There was no other option- I desperately needed to try this kind of life! This was my dream incarnate: solo road-tripping around the US, sharing words and photos with my friends- hell, the entire world why not!

This site is a means to that end- a way for me to bring along whoever wishes to travel with or through me, and to inspire others to seek out these incredible places and find their own truth within the grand temples of Nature.

From the deepest depths of my heart of hearts, I hope that you’ll come with me as I embark on this journey of self-discovery, and be inspired to seek out your own personal path to joy, whatever that may be.

Ready to go? Click here to read my tale from the beginning.

If you enjoy my writing, consider bringing the adventure home with fine art prints of the best images from my travels. Also available on iPhone or Galaxy cases, towels,  and coffee mugs. I deeply appreciate your support!


Rambling Adam

Oh, the places we'll go!

Oh, the places we’ll go!

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